Concorde Microsystems®
Order Number Type of Source (Ge-68) Activity Qty Recommended
Replacement cycle

PET-0.1/0.5 Transmission point source 18.5MBq
1 12 months
PET-10C10/0.5 Cylinder Phantom 18.5MBq
1 12 months
PET-80/2 Calibration line source 74MBq
1 12 months
Four weeks after receipt of order. Expedited deliveries are available upon request.

Licenses (U.S. Only)

Valid copies of customer’s radioactive materials license or registration must be on file with SMP prior to shipment. SMP shipping containers are D.O.T. and IATA compliant.

Sealed Source Device Registry (SSDR)
Sanders Medical Products' SSDR for the point or line source is TN-0241-S-101-S. Sanders Medical Products' SSDR for the cylinder source is TN-0241-S-102-S.
Ge-68 Nuclide: 270.8 day half-life
511 keV photon energies