GE Healthcare PET Sources download ge.pdf source brochure
Order Number Type of Source (Ge-68) Activity Qty Recommended
Replacement cycle
Discovery ST™

PET-160/1.5 Normalization Pin 55 MBq
(1.5 mCi)
1 12 months

Discovery PET-CT 600™

PET-163/0.27 Normalization Pin 10 MBq
(0.27 mCi)
1 12 months
Phantom-507 VQC Phantom 3.5 MBq
(0.1 mCi)
1 N/A

Discovery PET-CT 690™

PET-163/0.5 Normalization Pin 18.5 MBq
(0.5 mCi)
1 12 months
Phantom-507 VQC Phantom 3.5 MBq
(0.1 mCi)
1 N/A

Advance™, Advance NXi™ dedicated PET, and Discovery™ LS PET/CT

PET-155/10 Transmission Pin 400 MBq
(10.8 mCi)
2 1 source per 6 months -or- 2 sources per
9 months
PET-155/1.6 Normalization Pin 60 MBq
(1.6 mCi)
1 9 months(Can use decayed PET-155/10)

Pre-clinical PET

PET-40/0.5 Normalization pin for LabPET 4 18.5 MBq
(0.5 mCi)
1 12 months
PET-78/0.5 Normalization pin for LabPET 8 18.5 MBq
(0.5 mCi)
1 12 months
PET-117/0.5 Normalization pin for LabPET 12 18.5 MBq
(0.5 mCi)
1 12 months
PET-7.3A5.8 Annulus for Vista DR 18.5 MBq
(0.5 mCi)
1 12 months
PET-7.3A2.8 Annulus for Vista SR 22.2 MBq
(0.6 mCi)
1 12 months

Standard Pin Source Features:
• Non-Uniformity measurement is less than or equal to ±5%. Test scans provided.
• Activity tolerance ±15%.

• GEMS specifications
• Certified mechanical compliance.
• Leak test certificate
• Laser welded seals
• ANSI rating 77C32312
• Supplied with lead container
• Lifetime warranty
• Documents/labels for return(s)
supplied upon request.

Four weeks after receipt of order. Expedited deliveries are available upon request.

Licenses (U.S. Only)

Valid copies of customer’s radioactive materials license or registration must be on file with SMP prior to shipment. SMP shipping containers are D.O.T. and IATA compliant.

Sealed Source Device Registry (SSDR)
Sanders Medical Products' SSDR for all GEMS pin sources is TN-0241-S-101-S. A copy can be supplied upon request. License amendment guides are also avaiable here.

Optional Ge-68 solid phantoms are available for Advance™ PET, Advance™ NXI and Discovery™ LS and ST. Solid phantoms can be used to replace difficult to use refillable FDG liquid phantoms.

Ge-68 sources are available for older, discontinued GE camera systems as well as current models.

Ge-68 Nuclide: 270.8 day half-life
511 keV photon energies